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we have dissociative identity disorder (aka multiple personality disorder). there are 28 of us inhabiting our body

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Everyone is my system is a real fucking person, with real feelings and if you have a problem with that well I have news for you my friend

I do not fucking care

Go and fuck yourself

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I hate coming out when we have shit to do. I want to spend my time playing video games and shit, not studying

- lygoth

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its really nice when people take the time to learn my alters names and recognise their personality traits so they can tell when that alter is fronting it makes me so happy

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I love my alters but sometimes I wish I was neurotypical. I wouldn’t have to introduce my insiders to my family, I wouldn’t have to deal with denial and having my life choped into pieces. I would be able to remember everything as it really was. I never want to integrate but it’s hard to not feel jealous of singletons sometimes. everything is so much simpler. I guess it’s all worth it though. for ronald, babe, melody, princess, lygoth, and everyone else to live I need to give them part of my life. it’s a sacrifice, but what’s life without sacrifices?

- host

hey everyone! we’re back after a week away. hope you’re all good

~ melody

Anonymous said: What's a dissociative attack?

it’s a term I use to describe when I get hit by a wave of dissociation. like so much fog I can’t think clearly and I hear screaming in my head and I’m scared and it’s just. very bad. I feel very distant from everything and have trouble seeing, usually.

sometimes I wonder if I really have social phobia. I’m not nearly as anxious as other people I know with it, and a lot of my “panic attacks” were actually dissociative attacks. I just didn’t know what it was at the time so I thought it was a panic attack. then again, I am on meds now so that’ll change a lot of symptoms

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Round off of the doodles of the guys as they are, first thing in the morning :3

Ed > Jamie > Jake

I love these. such good expressions of everyone’s different personalities :)

it’s weird that I can barely remember the bullying but it still effects so much of me

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