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we have dissociative identity disorder (aka multiple personality disorder). there are 28 of us inhabiting our body

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Are You Dissociating?




Dissociating is one of the most common responses to abuse and trauma. It involves feeling numb, detached or unreal and (while it happens to everyone once in a while) is experienced more frequently and severely in survivors. Dissociating people vary widely in symptoms and may experience any or all of the things from the following list.

You may be dissociating if you:

  • find yourself staring at one spot, not thinking anything
  • feel completely numb
  • feel like you’re not really in your body, like you’re watching yourself in a movie.
  • feel suddenly lightheaded or dizzy
  • lose the plot of the show or conversation you were focused on
  • feel as if you’re not quite real, like you’re in a dream
  • feel like you’re floating 
  • suddenly feel like you’re not a part of the world around you
  • feel detached and far away from other people, who may seem mechanical or unreal to you
  • are very startled when someone/something gets your attention
  • completely forget what you were thinking just a moment ago
  • suddenly cover your face or react as if you’re about to be hurt for no reason
  • can’t remember important information about yourself, like your age or where you live
  • find yourself rocking back and forth
  • become very focused on a small or trivial object or event
  • find that voices, sounds or writing seem far away and you sometimes have trouble understanding them.
  • feel as if you’ve just experienced a flashback (perhaps rapidly) but you can’t remember anything about it.
  • perceive your body as foreign or not belonging to you

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suddenly cover your face or react as if you’re about to be hurt for no reason

Oh thank gosh I thought I was the only one!! Always been embarassed when it happens, but now at least I know it’s normal. Bless this post <3

well this explains a lot

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We are thinking of those we miss and those we are afraid to see. There are many of them. Perhaps we should message a few and see what happens. For the most part, they barely responded last time we did that. Perhaps they are simply the kind of people who do not respond to texts often. Or perhaps they do not miss us. We cannot know for sure.

- Babe

What’s it mean to be an alter? Imma wire firing in a brain where it shouldn’t be. Guess that’s all anyone is when it comes down to it. Just electricity and blood

- Oscar

hurt hand feed cat. bleed make think hurt. no wan hurt

- banshee

like apple jack. she nice. like friends

- banshee

shee out. 

- banshee

I’m doing much better with my asylum trigger. stuff related to mental health hospitals used to set off my panic attacks really badly. but I saw a character in a straight jacket and felt totally okay! I’m proud of myself for coming so far

- host

It seems that video games are not my forte. However, they are fun to play.

- Babe



weighted blankets are heaven when you’re dissociative

- host


See this?image

A 20-lb, 7x7.5 foot weighted blanket I made. 432 little pockets, and 10 hours of grueling work. (I covered it with a t shirt blanket cover also)

I needed a weighted blanket that was big enough to cover my whole body, not the small ones you generally find at very expensive prices. And yes, weighted blankets DO help so much.

that is beautiful!

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weighted blankets are heaven when you’re dissociative

- host